Performance Pump Oil KingTM "OK" McGregor Pump Parts

The McGregor pump has been around for decades.  It is a 1-5/8 inch stationary barrel rod insert pump and is not covered by the API specs.  It has the advantage of having the greatest pumping capacity of any conventional insert pump available for two inch tubing.  The McGregor remains popular in parts of the Illinois Basin, parts of Kansas, and parts of the Appalachian basin.

The classic McGregor pump has what we consider to be some serious shortcomings.  It uses a unique non-standard rib type ball and seat for both the traveling and standing valves.  McGregor parts are not interchangeable with API pump parts; in fact, they are often not interchangeable between manufacturers.  Getting decent barrels has been a problem in the past.  It was not possible to modify the pump configuration; you got what you got.  And worst of all, the construction of the valve hardware was inherently delicate.

Performance Pump Supply, Inc. has solved the problems with the McGregor pump to our satisfaction (no small feat).  It is now possible with their Oil KingTM parts to use standard API flat type balls and seats in the McGregor, and said valve hardware is not nearly as delicate as the original version ( Performance also manufactures the traditional valve parts).  The Oil KingTM McGregor barrel is made from 443 inhibited admiralty brass; it wears better and lasts longer than previously available brass barrels.  With Oil KingTM McGregor parts, it is easy to configure the McGregor pump in ways never before possible, including as a high compression pump (see Sucker Rod Pump Gas Lock for information on high compression downhole pump technology).  Many of the parts listed below are available from no other supplier.  All Oil KingTM McGregor parts are precision made to the original McGregor thread specifications.

Oil KingTM McGregor pump parts can be ordered directly from Poor Boy Supply Company.  Volume discounts are available.  Pump shops wishing to stock the Oil KingTM Mcgregor pump parts can contact us

The old McGregor logo from a 1980 Butler-Larkin catalog.

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