Oil KingTM "OK" HP/P High Compression Open Barrel Cages

Performance Pump Supply, Inc. Oil KingTM HP/PTM High Compression Open Barrel Cages virtually eliminate gas lock* and improve pump efficiency.  Dramatic increases in production have been obtained using high compression pump technology.  "OK" HP/P High Compression Open Barrel Cages are superbly engineered, tested in the Performance proprietary test apparatus, field proven, and finely crafted from only the best materials.  These innovative products are available direct from Poor Boy Supply Company, or through your local pump shop (tell them to contact us if they do not stock Oil KingTM products).  "OK" HP/P High Compression Open Barrel Cages are so easy to install, it can be done in the field.  For technical background information, see Sucker Rod Pump Gas Lock .

> Achieves high compression ratio through low unswept volume; literally "pumps" gas.

> Free flow open cage design is less prone to gas separation and solids clogging.

> Uses standard API flat type balls and seats with no exotic adapters or inserts.

> Available in corrosion treated and nitrided (hard lining for ball guides) alloy steel.

> Also stocked in 464 brass, 316 stainless steel, and available by special order in monel.

"OK" HP/P High Compression Open Barrel Cages are the simple and inexpensive solution to gas lock*.  Wells that were nearly impossible to pump have been tamed, including wells pumping through unvented packers.  These cages work with API rod insert (stationary barrel) pumps including the RHA, RHB, RSA, RSB, RWA, and RWB configurations, and with McGregor pumps.  We offer free technical support; call or email anytime to discuss your pump problems.

Robert M. Parker, a pioneer in this field, inspired a number of us to look at high compression downhole pump technology.  Mike Harrison with Performance Pump Supply, Inc. has devoted countless hours to engineering and prototype development.  The culmination of this effort is the patented "OK" HP/P High Compression Open Barrel Cage.  The concept is simple - build a pump with the highest possible compression ratio and you can "pump" gas.  The downhole pump effectively doubles as a gas compressor and no longer becomes "gas locked", and generally behaves better all around.  There have been cases where well production has significantly improved.  Operators of shallow wells report a much shorter time after "pump off" before the well will properly pump again (the fluid level or head need not rise as high to compress the trapped gas bubble in the pump as with lower compression pumps).

Notes: *Installing just the "OK" HP/P High Compression Barrel Cage will help the compression ratio of any pump.  But for best results, the traveling valve cage should be located on the bottom of the plunger and equipped with a flush hex seat retainer plug instead of the traditional type.  The pump valve rod must be long enough to allow close spacing of the pump valves and said close spacing must be set up at the surface.  When installing the "OK" HP/P High Compression Barrel Cage, the barrel threads must be clean and the cage should be easy to thread all the way into the barrel by hand, then tightened with a wrench.

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