Downhole Wiring Color Codes and Tool Connector Pinouts

Apparently, the wiring color codes used in logging tools came from merging the resistor color codes with the pin assignments of certain functions on the octal tube base style connectors used in many tools.  Line is assigned to pin 1 and is brown, CCL is assigned to pin 5 and is green (usually), and so on, but there are many exceptions noted below.

The convention with circular connectors is to number the pins clockwise when looking at the business end of the male connector (counterclockwise when viewed from the back where the wires connect).  The business end of female connectors are therefore numbered counterclockwise (clockwise when viewed from the back side where the wires connect).  This gives rise to an old sexist memory trick male electronics technicians have used for decades…males are right (clockwise) and females are wrong (counterclockwise).

Here are some common pinouts and color codes:

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