A Few AnaLog Services, Inc. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Some 106 Radiation Tool PCBs (In scintillation gamma-ray / CCL tool.)

106LVPS-1 Low Voltage Supply, 106LD-5 Line Driver, 106BK-2 Bond Kill, 106DR-2 Divider, 106PD-3 Preamp

106CCL-1 CCL Amplifier, 106HVPS-5 High Voltage  Supply, 106HVRF-1 HV Filter / Regulator with Codatron

Some Casing Collar Locator (CCL) PCBs

AnaLog's Shooting CCL Meter PCB and CCL Beeper PCB

AnaLog's Super CCL Upgrade PCB for GO/GOI/MLS COSMOS Tools (PS-2a / CCL-2a)

Rewound Coil in Bell Logging CCL Retrofitted With AnaLog's 106CCL-1 Downhole CCL Amplifier PCB

Some Cement Bond Log Related PCBs

SIE CBT Receiver Electronics Cartridge with New AnaLog (PEK) Solid State Amplifier PCB

Some Temperature Log Related PCBs

Remanufactured SIE Temperature Tool with Platinum RTD Sensor and VFC-2, 106LD-3, and 106LVPS-3 PCBs

Some Misc. PCBs
BHA-0004 Clone PCBs

Three Solitron BHA-0004 Amplifier Clone PCBs Under Construction

Also see our Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and PCB Details and Photographs pages.

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