The JOJ SHOT is named after James O. Johnson, its inventor.  A relatively small explosive charge is used to create multiple fractures with little or no accompanying formation damage.  Existing fractures can be extended using this same technology.  The very small amount of explosive material used minimizes the risk of casing damage.

The JOJ SHOT would seem well suited to well rehabilitation.  It can be used in cased hole or open hole completions.  Shaped charges can be used as part of the procedure to produce additional perforations in the zone of interest.  The JOJ SHOT can be adapted to a wide variety of situations including injection well injectivity improvement.

The JOJ SHOT is licensed to AnaLog Services, Inc. and we hope to develop it into a valuable field proven product. 

Beautiful JOJ SHOTTM fractures created in lab model wells "drilled" in Lucite.

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Exercise extreme caution when working with explosives.  Stay alert and THINK; complacency kills!  Follow the guidelines in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practices for Oilfield Explosives Safety, RP 67.

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