Tallini ShotTM

One of the last of the real well shooters is  Rick Tallini.  Rick is our good friend and president of Otto Cupler Torpedo, a company that traces its history back to the very beginnings of the well shooting industry.

In recent years, Rick has developed a new kind of shot that we refer to around here as the Tallini Shot.  As in the old liquid nitroglycerine (LNG) shot, the Tallini Shot utilizes a liquid explosive.  However, the energy and velocity characteristics are quite different from LNG.  One might regard the Tallini Shot as a hybrid between high explosive shots and propellant HEGF shots.

The Tallini Shot has been used extensively in the Appalachian Basin with excellent results.  Hopefully, it will soon be available in the Illinois Basin, and if oil prices hold, perhaps nationally.


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Exercise extreme caution when working with explosives.  Stay alert and THINK; complacency kills!  Follow the guidelines in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practices for Oilfield Explosives Safety, RP 67.

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